Class Rules

  • Mrs. Bruns' Class Rules
    Each year students and I work together to make up our class rules. Rules in the past have been similar to these. We base our rules on our Hopes and Dreams for Kindergarten. How will we ensure that everyone will reach their Hope and Dream? We will do this by...

    1) Respect everyone and the things in our room (including raising hand, waiting to talk until someone finishes, not throwing toys or breaking them, talking nicely to each other)

    2) Be Honest (including telling the truth, not tattling to get someone in trouble etc.)

    3) Keep our hands and feet to ourselves (including no hitting, kicking, pushing etc.)

    4) Listen for directions and follow them the first time.

    5) Clean-up when we are done.

    6) Be Safe (including not running or anything that may hurt yourself or others)

    7) HAVE FUN (it is kindergarten after all).