Welcome to 7th grade Math!

Phone: 320-274-8226 x2344


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kampsen

Online Math Textbook:   Holt McDougal Online Textbook
     username:  amscardinals
     password: amsmath678 

Grading Procedure                   

1)      Tests & Quizzes (60%)

100-93        A                   76-73          C    

92-90          A-                  72-70          C-

89-87          B+                 69-67          D+

86-83          B                   66-63          D

82-80          B-                  62-60          D-     

79-77          C+                 59-0            F

2)      Homework  (30%)

-Assignments- must be legible, have work shown and done in pencil
-Notes - 10 points given per week

3)      Discipline/Participation  (10%)        

Retesting Policy

-Retakes can be taken if first test score is less than 83%
-One retake is allowed per person per test
-Retakes must be taken before the next test
-Scores on retakes will be earned, however, they cannot be lower than their first score and may not exceed 83%
-Correctives must be completed to the satisfaction of the instructor before retests are taken
-Retest are given no sooner than one day after the original and must be scheduled with the instructor outside of the original class time.