About Annandale Elementary

  • Annandale Elementary is one of the best elementary schools in the state of Minnesota.  The dedication of the staff, families and community to work together to help students grow and succeed is remarkable.  At Annandale, we believe that every child can be successful and the best method to achieve that success is to work with families throughout the school year.  Annandale is fortunate to have a tremendously dedicated staff that work to develop a plan for each student so he or she can grow academically and socially.    

    Annandale Elementary School is committed to a rich and challenging tradition of excellence, where every decision is made with the students' best interest in mind. With a partner-ship of parents, staff, and students, we are dedicated to making a positive and dynamic impact on our world. At Annandale Elementary School, all students are empowered to achieve success.  

Our Principal - Jon Klippenes

  • I grew up in Annandale and went to Bendix Elementary (now called Annandale Elementary).  My elementary principal, Arlen Johnson, and I shared the same birthday and he would invite me to his office on our birthday to have a donut.  My family lived in Annandale through my freshman year in high school and I was at Annandale high school for the first year of the new building.  My sophomore year in high school, we moved to Monticello, where I graduated from high school.  I went on to attend Northwestern College in Roseville, where I attained my elementary education degree and met my wife Laurie.

    During the summer of 2016, I was fortunate to receive the principal job at Annandale Elementary. Since then, I have been consistently amazed at the work of the students, the dedication of the staff and the support from the community.  I consider it a true blessing to be in the prominent school district of Annandale.  

    Laurie and I reside in Annandale school district and have three girls.  They love Annandale and all it has to offer.  Laurie teaches math at the middle school and we both come from families of educators. For many years, my mom taught 1st grade in Annandale, my dad has a teaching license, and two of my sisters are teachers.  I have two sisters-in-laws that teach and my father-in-law was head of the education committee when he served in the Montana state senate.  We definitely talk about education when we get together.

    I look forward to all of the success our students will have!

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Parent Connection

  • The elementary staff is committed to Parent Involvement. We recognize the important partnership that staff, students and parents need to have to create a successful learning experience. Please feel free to email us with suggestions for making this section as helpful as possible. Annandale Elementary will be collecting General Mills boxtops for education. These will be redeemed in cash to purchase items to meet the needs of our students. Contact: Kristin Fahey, Email: kfahey@isd876.org with your ideas.  

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