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  • Annandale High School has experienced much success, and certainly a few challenges while implementing the Hybrid Learning Model the first two and a half months of the school year.  I want to thank both our students and staff for overcoming many obstacles, which allowed us to successfully put first quarter “in the books” for most students.

    As you are all aware, AHS will begin full-time Distance Learning on Monday, November 30th.  We are hoping to return to in-person instruction on or before January 18th.  This Friday, November 20th will be the final day for in-person instruction, with students having the week of November 23rd-27th off, while teachers prepare plans to successfully implement Distance Learning beginning on the 30th.

    Please click on the Updated Distance Learning Plan to view important information regarding the plan for this upcoming learning model.  This plan is significantly different than the one we used last spring, so it is important that you sit down with your son/daughter to review the Distance Learning expectations in order to help each of them experience academic success during this time.

    Also, please click on the Distance Learning Summary for key highlights that we wish you and your child to discuss prior to November 30th.  In addition, you will receive a course syllabus from each of your child’s teachers outlining the Distance Learning expectations for his/her particular class.

    We are continuing to distribute Chromebooks to students who have yet to receive theirs.  If your son/daughter does not have one at this time, we will reach out to arrange a time for him/her to receive one prior to November 30th.

    Our goal is for each student to experience success during our Distance Learning period, while together we (family and school) monitor our students emotional and physical well-being.  Ongoing communication is vital and collaboration is a must as we strive to fully engage our students during this time.  The students are responsible for their learning; however, we must teach, support and guide them along the way.

    Steve Scherber
    Annandale High School

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