Principal's Message

  • At Annandale High School we take pride in creating strong relationships with our students.  These relationships nurture a positive learning environment where staff make it a priority to create meaningful connections with each of their students.  Recognizing and addressing mental health issues is crucial for the overall success and happiness of all of our students.  This is not just for those students who we typically identify as isolated or lonely.  These can be students who are academically successful, participate in activities, and seem to have many friends. 

    I challenge all of our students to be the difference maker in the lives of their peers and recognize when one of them is struggling.  It is crucial that we stand up for one another and help promote a positive school atmosphere where all staff and students feel welcomed and excited to enter doors each and every school day.

    I challenge our parents to take a moment to have open and honest conversations with their children about the happenings in their lives both in and outside of school.  You need to be aware of what their social media lives look and sound like, and not be afraid to ask those difficult (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions.

    Together, as a community, we can create an environment where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to stand up for each other so that no students’ mental or emotional challenges go unnoticed.  If at any time, your child is in need of support, please reach out to the appropriate school’s student services office.  You can find resources at the AHS Student Services website or call 320-274-8208 ext. 3603.

    Thank you for your ongoing partnership in creating a safe and nurturing environment for our students.

    Steve Scherber, AHS Principal

Annandale High School

  • Annandale High School's mission is to provide a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment where every individual can succeed.  Staff and students at AHS work together to make that statement become reality.  The teaching and support staff encourage academic excellence for approximately 615 students in grades nine through twelve. Our district residents' and our school staff's high expectations for excellence are reflected in our progressive and respected educational programs.

Important Dates!


    • End of 3rd quarter - March 22
    • Spring Break - March 25-April 1
    • Prom - April 27
    • Graduation - May 24

AHS School Supplies

  • Each student's schedule is unique, so there is not a universal supply list for the high school.  Please see the notes below.

    • Math students will need a TI-84+CE calculator.
    • English students will need a one-inch three-ring binder and one small stack of 3x3 sticky notes (any color).
    • All students should have the basics (pens, pencils, a few notebooks and folders) on the first day and then each teacher will let them know if they need anything more specific for each class.  

Contact Us!

  • 855 Hemlock Street E, Annandale, MN 55302
    Ph: 320.274.8208
    Fax: 320.274.2316

    Steve Scherber, Principal
    Ph.  320.274.8208 ext. 3600

    Joy Turner, Dean of Students
    Ph.  320.274.8208 ext. 3601

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    New Families Enroll HERE.

AHS Daily Schedule

  • Block 1: 8:05-9:24
    Block 2: 9:32-10:51

    Grade 11/12
    Lunch: 10:51-11:21
    Flex:  11:21-11:51
    SSR: 11:51-12:16

    Grade 9/10 
    SSR: 10:56-11:21
    Flex:  11:21-11:51
    Lunch: 11:51-12:21  

    Block 3: 12:21-1:40
    Block 4: 1:46-3:05