Principal's Message

  • Greetings from AHS!  Thanks to both our staff and students, we have had an exceptional start to the school year! Our seniors have embraced the opportunity to lead by example in a positive way and our freshmen are quickly grasping what it means to be a responsible and respectful young adult at AHS.  At our class meetings the first week, we discussed the importance of taking advantage of each opportunity we encounter, to do the right thing and make a positive impact on the culture at AHS.  It is an ongoing challenge, but our students are rising to the occasion.

    Our initiative for enhancing student engagement will continue this year with an emphasis on the third of the three pillars; Intellectual (the first two being Academic & Social/emotional).  Staff members will focus on this initiative during their professional learning communities throughout the school year, with the emphasis being on “grading for learning”.  More specifically, how do we ensure that a student’s final grade is a reflection of his/her achievement/learning during that class?

    We all realize our world is rapidly changing, and it is our job to adapt our instructional strategies to best prepare our students for “life after high school”.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is a recent enhancement in technology that our staff will strive to use in a way to enhance student creativity and learning, while still staying true to our top priority of creating strong student-staff relationships.  

    Developing these strong student-staff relationships is the core to what makes AHS an exceptional high school.  Each staff member truly cares for the success and well-being of our students and works tirelessly to create a respectful and nurturing learning environment where all students feel empowered to own their education. We believe that a positive learning environment fosters academic growth, while also nurturing emotional well-being; which, in return, develops resilient and confident young adults prepared for success in our communities.

    We welcome the following new staff members to AHS this fall who will embrace our emphasis on strong relationships: Otto Klaverkamp, Social Studies; Alana Kopp, Academic & Behavior Interventionist; Tara Kubian, Special Ed; , Wade Moravec, Math; Sarah Onstad, Family & Consumer Science; Zack Schaunaman, Math; and Celeste Strand, Paraprofessional.

    In addition, we are excited to begin our new Family & Consumer Science program this fall, which will include courses in Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry, and Independent Living.  Ms. Sarah Onstad has been working hard throughout the summer developing curriculum and organizing equipment to ensure our students have a safe and positive learning experience. 

    Go Cards!

    Principal Steve Scherber

Annandale High School

  • Annandale High School's mission is to provide a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment where every individual can succeed.  Staff and students at AHS work together to make that statement become reality.  The teaching and support staff encourage academic excellence for approximately 615 students in grades nine through twelve. Our district residents' and our school staff's high expectations for excellence are reflected in our progressive and respected educational programs.

Important Dates!


    • Freshmen and New Student Orientation- Wednesday, August 30th @ 6:00 p.m. (AHS Auditorium)
    • First day of school- Tuesday, September 5th

AHS School Supplies

  • Each student's schedule is unique, so there is not a universal supply list for the high school.  Please see the notes below.

    • Math students will need a TI-84+CE calculator.
    • English students will need a one-inch three-ring binder and one small stack of 3x3 sticky notes (any color).
    • All students should have the basics (pens, pencils, a few notebooks and folders) on the first day and then each teacher will let them know if they need anything more specific for each class.  

Contact Us!

  • 855 Hemlock Street E, Annandale, MN 55302
    Ph: 320.274.8208
    Fax: 320.274.2316

    Steve Scherber, Principal
    Ph.  320.274.8208 ext. 3600

    Joy Turner, Dean of Students
    Ph.  320.274.8208 ext. 3601

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AHS Daily Schedule

  • Block 1: 8:05-9:24
    Block 2: 9:32-10:51

    Grade 11/12
    Lunch: 10:51-11:21
    Flex:  11:21-11:51
    SSR: 11:51-12:16

    Grade 9/10 
    SSR: 10:56-11:21
    Flex:  11:21-11:51
    Lunch: 11:51-12:21  

    Block 3: 12:21-1:40
    Block 4: 1:46-3:05