Health Services

  • There is a Health Services Office located in each building. The District School Nurse, Nancy Lipinski, is available to all three buildings. There is a full time Health Assistant working at both Annandale Elementary and the Middle School.

    Please feel free to contact Health Services with any health concerns.

    Annandale Elementary School
    320-274-8218 ext. 1901
    Fax number: 320-274-8470
    Nancy Lipinski, School District Nurse
    Jessica Chapman, Health Assistant
    Heather Jensen, Health Assistant

    Annandale Middle School
    320-274-8226 ext. 2800
    Fax number: 320-274-5978
    Nancy Lipinski, School District Nurse
    Nancy Barnes, Health Assistant

    Annandale High School
    Fax number: 320-274-2316
    Nancy Lipinski, School District Nurse, ext 3800