Health Services

  • Annandale Public Schools has a Health Services office located in each building. We encourage our families and students to feel free to contact Health Services with any health concerns.  


  • Minnesota Statute Section 121A.15 requires all children enrolled in Minnesota schools be completely immunized. The law does allow exemptions for medical reasons or because of conscientiously held beliefs. Use this form Minnesota Department of Health Immunization/Exemption form to document vaccines as well as medical/non-medical exemptions. Exemptions must be signed and notarized.

    Immunizations required for Kindergarten:
    Diphtheria,Tetanus,Pertusis (DTP) - 5 immunizations
    Polio - 4 immunizations
    Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) - 2 immunizations
    Hepatitis B - Series of 3 immunizations
    Varicella (Chicken Pox) - 2 immunizations or Date of Illness.

    Immunizations required for 7th grade:
    Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Tdap) booster
    Menningococcal (MCV)

    Immunizations required for 12th grade:
    Meningococcal booster (MCV)

    For more information regarding immunizations, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health Vaccination Page.


  • As per district policy, any medication your student will be taking at school must be registered through Health Services. Complete the Medication Authorization Form. This includes both over the counter and prescribed medication.

    • Prescribed medications need to be authorized by the parent and physician.
    • Over the counter medication for students in kindergarten through sixth grade require physician and parent authorization.
    • Over the counter medication for students in seventh through twelfth grade requires parent authorization. Students will be instructed by Health Services to ensure safe and proper handling and administration of medication.
    • Medications must be brought to school in their original containers.

Special Diet Restrictions

  • Starting in the 2023-24 school year, if your child has special diet restrictions, please have your medical provider complete this MDE Special Diet Statement form and submit it to our health office. This will be required before any meal accommodations can be made by our food service department.  

Contact Us!

  • Annandale Elementary School
    320-274-8218 ext. 1901
    Fax number: 320-274-8470
    Sharlene Miller
    RN, Licensed School Nurse
    Kelsey Caughey
    Health Assistant
    Amanda Ramsey
    Health Assistant

    Annandale Middle School
    320-274-8226 ext. 2800
    Fax number: 320-274-5978
    Rachael Weinzetl
    RN, Licensed School Nurse

    Kaitli Schindele, Health Assistant

    Annandale High School
    Fax number: 320-274-2316
    Rachael Weinzetl
    RN, Licensed School Nurse  


When to Stay Home

  • Too Sick for School
    Click here to be redirected to the When to Stay Home page.


  • During the school year, Health Services conducts screening sessions for vision and hearing.. The initial screenings are conducted by volunteers who have been trained in the screening process. All rescreens are done by the school nurse, and if necessary, referrals are sent directly to the parents. Hearing and Vision screenings are conducted for all students in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th grades. If you have questions or concerns regarding the screening process, please contact Health Services in your student's building. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the screening programs. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the front office of your child's school.