State and Federal Testing

  • State and Federal Tests

    Director of Curriculum & Testing  Jon Meinke   320-274-8208, Extension 3312

    Annandale Elementary School Site Assessment Coordinator  Nathan Woodford   320-274-8218, Extension 1116

    Annandale Middle School Site Assessment Coordinator  Michele Macalena   320-274-8226, Extension 2700

    Annandale High School Site Assessment Coordinator  Joy Turner   320-274-8208, Extension 3601 


    The Minnesota Department of Education has cancelled all MCA tests due to Minnesota Distance Learning. 


    January-March, 2020    English Learners are tested--generally English is not these students' first or home language.  WIDA is the name of the agency that supports and manages the federally required ACCESS 2.0 Assessments.  They are a series of 4 tests to measure students' proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  These tests are scheduled individually.  These tests were completed before Minnesota Distance Learning.


    Annandale High School's scheduled April administration of ACT, ASVAB, and ACCUPLACER tests has been cancelled due to Minnesota Distance Learning.


    Annandale Public Schools Test Procedures follow state of Minnesota requirements: 

    2019-2020 Annandale Public Schools State Test Procedures