• State and Federal Tests

    Please contact Joy Turner or Kathy Holahan if you have questions: 

    Joy Turner   jturner@isd876.org  320-274-8208, Extension 3601

    Kathy Holahan  kholahan@isd876.org; 320-274-8208, extension 3312

    January 28-March 22, 2019    English Learners are tested--generally English is not these students' first or home language.  WIDA is the name of the agency that supports and manages the federally required ACCESS 2.0 Assessments.  They are a series of 4 tests to measure students' proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  These tests are scheduled individually.

    Sandy Briscoe is the English Learners teacher in all three schools.


    March 4-May 10, 2019    MCA-III, Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, series III, for reading and math until May 4 and for science until May 10, are:

    Reading and math tests for grades 3-8

    Reading test for grade 10

    Math test for grade 11

    Science tests for grades 5, 8, and a science test for high school students enrolled in biology during the school year

    Most students are assessed with computer delivered tests.  Some special education students take a paper/pencil version of the tests.  A designated person enters the student's completed test information online.




    March 4-May 3, 2019   MTAS-III, Minnesota Tests of Academic Skills, are alternatives to MCA-III tests.  They are administered to special education students with the greatest cognitive challenges.  They are scheduled individually.  Teachers enter test information online.


    April 24, 2019   ACT, American College Testing, is a collection of college entrance assessments in English, reading, math and science, which will be offered to 11th grade students and any 12th grade students who have not taken the assessments as required by the Minnesota Department o Education.  Students may take the ASVAB, an entrance test for joining the military, instead of the ACT.


    2019 Test Information


    Annandale Elementary School

    Annandale Elementary School Grades 3-5 MCA-III Reading 

    Annandale Elementary School Grades 3-5 MCA-III Math

    Annandale Elementary School Grade 5 MCA-III Science


     Annandale Middle School

    Annandale Middle School Grade 6 MCA-III Reading and Math

    Annandale Middle School Grades 7 and 8 MCA-III Reading and Math

    Annandale Middle School Grade 8 MCA-III Science


    Annandale High School

    Annandale High School Grades 10 and 11 MCA-III ACT and ASVAB


    Opt Out Form for Minnesota State Testing

    A parent or guadian must sent a new  OPT OUT form to Mr. Meinke EACH YEAR.

    Parent/Guardian OPT OUT Guide

    Please send a completed form with your signature to


    If you send a completed paper form to a your child's teacher, please send an email to Jon Meinke at the address above and to the teacher with the message that the form has been sent to school.

    OR mail to Joy Turner, Director of Testing, Annandale High School, 855 Hemlock St. E., Annandale MN 55302


    Annandale Public Schools Test Procedures follow state of Minnesota requirements: 

    Annandale Public School Test Procedures