Prerequisite: None. One factor in scheduling students will be their birth date.
    Description: Students in Grade 9 are placed in a driver’s education course dependent upon their birthdates. Students with the earliest birth dates will receive the classroom driver’s education first. This course is intended to prepare students for taking the permit test and to meet requirements for taking behind-the-wheel instruction and the subsequent drivers test. Thirty hours are required by state law. Attendance is mandatory. Parents and students will attend a required two-hour evening safety session which will qualify students to receive their blue card to take their permit and and sign-up for behind-the-wheel instruction at Annandale High School.  

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  • Driver and Vehicle Services - DVS (MN)
    Traffic Laws for Teen Drivers (Under Age 18)
    Resources for Parent - Teen Drivers
    Resources for All Drivers
    Schedule a road test, etc...

    Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA)
    Parents Urged to Leverage State GDL Programs to Help Reduce Teen Crash Risk During National Teen Driver Safety Week 

    Safety Reminders for Teen Drivers
    A comprehensive resource that addresses safety precautions every teen driver must take to protect themselves and others. 

    DMV Practice Test - MN
    Anyone who drives a motor vehicle on public streets or highways in Minnesota must carry a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit. Your eyes will be screened when you apply for, or renew, your driver’s license or learner’s permit. The DMV written test contains multiple-choice and true or false questions that evaluate your knowledge and understanding of Minnesota road rules, road signs and safety rules. The test is based on information contained in the official Minnesota Driver’s Manual, and consists of 40 questions. You need 32 correct answers to pass (80%)

    Safe Communities of Wright County
    Safe Communities of Wright County (SCWC) is working to change the odds of crashes and the resulting injuries and fatalities. Since its inception in 1997, it has sponsored innovative traffic safety initiatives throughout Wright County and its efforts are being felt by each citizen and driver who passes through. The number of severe injury and fatality crashes has dropped by over 40% percent since 1997. That statistic has remained constant despite, for a time, Wright County being identified as one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

    Minnesota Driver's Manual
    The Minnesota Driver's Manual provides a summary of state laws, rules and techniques to follow in order to drive safely and legally in Minnesota.  State laws change periodically, so each year's manual contains new information.

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