Annandale Middle School

  • AMS is home to approximately 480 energetic adolescent students in grades 6-8. We have 35+ teachers serving those students. We have para-professionals, student services staff which include a social worker, school counselor, administrative assistants, librarian, health office staff, cooks and custodians that provide valuable support, making this school a wonderful place for children! Our school is small enough to provide a personal approach to education and large enough to offer a comprehensive experience for each of our students. We do operate as a middle school, so we can meet the social and emotional needs of our students as well as their academic and intellectual needs. The staff of AMS have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of the students, parents and community members. We believe we have established a fun, safe, and productive environment for learning.  

Contact Us!

  • 125 Cherry Avenue North
    Annandale, MN 55302
    Phone: 320-274-8226
    Fax: 320-274-5978

    Jen Sabol

    320-274-8226 ext 2600

    Michelle Macalena 
    Dean of Students
    320-274-8226 ext 2700

    Sarah Mjelde
    Admin Assistant

    320-274-8226 ext 2601


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