Preschool Transportation

    • Annandale Preschool Transportation is available for students who are age 4 by Sept. 1, 2020.
    • School bus transportation is available through M&M bus service for additional charge. All requests for transportation must be made when registering your child in preschool. 
    • It is important if you are planning to ride the bus to and from school that you check out our transportation map below to ensure you register for the right section of preschool.
      • Areas shown in Pink and Blue: AM Preschool Class options
      • Areas shown in Yellow and Orange: PM Preschool Class options
    • Children must have a set schedule meaning they must ride the bus on the same days each week to and/or from preschool. 
    • Please be aware that students cannot be dropped and picked up at 2 different locations - must be the same location or address.
    • Also students cannot ride the bus to school when they only need childcare(Cardinal Kids Club) or on days when there is no preschool. Transportation is not designed to get to childcare, it is only made available for preschool.
    • Out of district preschool students are not able to utilize a community bus stop during the middle of the day (After AM Preschool or Before PM Preschool). They must be getting on at a home/daycare.

Preschool Transportation Map

Transportation Fees 2021-2022