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    In ISD 876 Annandale Public Schools, the full community of students, teachers, administrators, support personnel, parents and community members are driven to work together on the mission to empower learning experiences that inspire all to grow and achieve.

    Part of that work aligns with the Minnesota Department of Education's World's Best Workforce Plan. All public school districts are required to publish a report of the previous year's efforts to fulfill the district's plans.


    ISD 876 Annandale Public Schools World's Best Workforce Report 2019-2020

    • What is the World's Best Workforce Plan?
    • World's Best Workforce Strategies, Support & Progress

    World's Best Workforce Report and Achievement & Integration Report will be presented on Monday, November 23, 2020, during the Annandale Public Schools board meeting at 7 p. m.  All people are welcome.


    What is the World's Best Workforce Plan?

    World's Best Workforce is the Minnesota Department of Education's name for a plan that addresses 5 achievement goals.  Each district is required to share a World's Best Workforce report for the previous school year.  

    The ISD 876 Annandale Public Schools World's Best Workforce Report includes documents that detail a district’s progress toward achievement of the Minnesota Department of Education’s 5 goals:

    1. All children are ready for school.

    2. All third graders can read at grade level.

    3. All racial and achievement gaps are closed.

    4. All students are ready for career and college. 

    5. All students graduate from high school.

    Since some available information from the current school year may be more important to you right now it will be preferred over the past school year.  This will include items such as Parent Staff Advisory members once the committees are updated and current testing requirements.  Contact Kathy Holahan at for historical information.

    Goal Setting

    Each district must set goals, develop strategic plans, report on progress through an online report in the fall of each year, and hold an annual public meeting to review progress.

    Each school invites parents and community members to join school staff in Advisory Councils. Councils set goals and review goal achievement progress and strategic plans to support progress. All parents and community members are invited to attend.  The advisory meeting memberships are updated as possible.

     2019-2020 Annandale Public Schools Parent Staff & Community Members Advisories

    Goals Linked to WBWF Outcomes

    Early Childhood Preschool Objectives

    Annandale Public Schools has established Early Childhood Preschool Objectives to guide preparation for kindergarten. Annandale Preschool developed early childhood objectives based on the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress. This Pre-K desired results developmental profile is completed throughout a school year for each child in our program.  This profile is given to the Kindergarten team to review.

    Teachers rely on two screening measures supported by the Minnesota Department of Education: the ESI-R, Early Screening Inventory-Revised, 2008 Edition and an Ages and Stages Questionnaire.  Early childhood staff members work in partnerships with community programs and local daycares to reach and encourage families to participate in screening of their children at 3 years old.  Screenings can be scheduled during the child's preschool day.  Marketing efforts feature mailings, promotional materials, and use of social media.   

    All Students in Third Grade Achieving Grade-Level Literacy

    Elementary Literacy Goal (aligned with Q Comp goal) is based on the RtI Framework (Response to Intervention) for literacy as documented in our District Literacy Plan. This tiered approach allows us to reach all students based on defined data and interventions in place within our elementary school.

    Third grade MCA-III/MTAS-III Reading proficiency scores have been steadily improving until 2019, when the proficiency rate dipped to 57.4 % from 69.8% in 2018.  Principal Jon Klippens and the 3rd grade staff are focusing on strengths and weaknesses in a benchmark by benchmark study of student needs.   

    Goal - The MCA-III/MTAS-III Reading proficiency goal for 2019 for grades 3-5 Annandale Elementary School students enrolled for at least half the year was 77.3%.  The MCA-III Reading proficiency score was 68.4% for all students and 68.8% for students enrolled for half the year.

    Achievement and Integration Plan--Annnandale Public Schools participates as an Adjoining District in an Achievement and Integration Plan with St. Cloud Public Schools, a Recially Isolated School District.  This association with St. Cloud and other surrounding districts offers our students financial support for interventions and experiences with students in another district.

    The state and district plans were revised in school year 2016-2017.  The new plan is the 2017-2020 Achievement and Integration Plan.

    Specific yearly goal statements assigned by the Minnesota Department of Education and results for 2016 Achievement & Integration Results are linked in the Strategies, Support & Progress page.

    Q Comp Goals for 2019 MCA-III Reading/MTAS-III proficiency for students  for half the school year were:

    Annandale Elementary School grades 3-5 - goal 77.3%

    Annandale Middle School grades 6-8 - goal 69.1%

    Annandale High School grade 10 - goal 65.4%  

    Annandale High School College and Career Ready Goal--All students will receive grade appropriate instruction in set up of individual learning plans in the online college and career preparation resources.

    Goal - In 2018-2019, 100% of all ninth grade students will complete an online Individual Learning Plan for their four year high school career.  

    Results - In 2018--2019, 100% of all ninth grade students completed an online Individual Learning Plan for their four year high school career through online college and career preparation resources

    Goal - In 2019-2020, 98% of all eleventh grade students will complete a college/career assessment that fits their current college/career plans on the scheduled high school date.  This will be a 3.9% growth in the percentage of students completing an appropriate college/career assessment on the scheduled date.

    All Students Graduate

    All Annandale High School students in danger of dropping out or not completing graduation requirements on time were tracked by the high school administrative team, and individual interventions were applied in accord with the student’s individual needs.  Graduation rates for a graduation year are reported later in the 2019-2020 school year.

    Goal - The state sets the goal: at least 95% of twelfth grade students in the class year 2019 will graduate by June 15, 2019.

    Results -The percentage of twelfth grade students in the class year 2019 graduating by June 15, 2019 will be reported by MDE later in 2019-2020.  Unofficial results - in 2019, 99.2% of twelfth grade studnet enrolled in Annandale High School on the date of graduation graduated on time.

    93.2% of twelfth grade students in the class year 2018 graduated by June 15, 2018, as measured by the Minnesota Department of Education.

    93.3% of twelfth grade students in the class year 2017 graduated by June 15, 2017, as measured by the Minnesota Department of Education.

    91.9% of twelfth grade students in the class year 2016 graduated by June 15, 2016, as measured by the Minnesota Department of Education.

    One year after the 2016 graduation, 94.5% of students in the class year 2016 have graduated.

    2019-2020 World's Best Workforce Plan Goals:

    2019-2020 Goals Table