Important Information

  • Homework folders – Student will bring home their red homework folder each day. In that folder you will find an agenda where they should record their reading minutes and will record important school events. Please take time to review the folder with your child each night.

    Math Home Links – Most evenings there will be a math Home Link. These are extensions of the skill that we are or will be working on. Remember, there is no one way to solve a problem! If it is taking too long or your child is feeling frustrated, please put it away, send it back to school, and let me know so I can work with them further at school.

    Spelling – Each Monday your child will bring home their spelling list. Please take time to practice these words with your child throughout the week. This will greatly assist them in being successful spellers. We will take a spelling test on Fridays. The goal is to apply their new spelling skills to their daily writing, not just to learn them for the test.

    Daily Reading Minutes – The more you read the better you get! I encourage you to have your children reading at home and to also read together. Talk to your child about what they are reading. In third grade we encourage students to read at least 75 minutes each week outside of school. Their daily total is recorded in the homework folder and returned to school each week. The students’ weekly totals are recorded, as we are trying to earn the school's Razzle Dazzle Readers Award.

    Library Check Out – We will visit the school library every 6th day of our Specialist Rotation. I will always update parents and students about upcoming library days and returning books. Students are able to have two books checked out at a time. If they want to keep a book and continue reading it, they are able to keep it longer than one week.  I also encourage you to use the public libarary to find books that your child is interested.