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6th Grade Math Masters place at competition.

We had 15 sixth grade students participate in a Math Masters competition on March 8. The competition hosted 22 teams and the 10 teams were awarded ribbons/medals.

🏆Congratulations to our Annandale Red Team for taking 3rd Place and our Annandale Black Team for taking 6th Place! In addition to team awards, there were 106 individuals that competed and the top 15 were awarded in the Fact Drills and Individual Rounds.
  • 3rd Place Annandale ❤️ Red: T. Moravec, W. Neuman, A. Dolan, G. Wilcox, B. Erdal
  • 6th Place Annandale 🖤 Black: T. Cochran, M. Peterson, J. McCarty, C. Neutz, N. Simonsen
  • Fast Fact Individuals: 1st place - J. Neutz, 2nd place - C. Burslie, 6th place - W. Neuman, 9th place -G. Ross, 13th place -T. Moravec
  • Individual Rounds: 4th place - W. Neuman, 10th place - T. Moravec, 15th place - T. Cochran.