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Apples of Our Eye: 30 Year Employees

Apples of Our Eye: 30 Year Employees

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Nancy Smith and Karen Athman who have dedicated 30 years of their lives to Annandale Public Schools! Dedicated employees like Nancy and Karen are the foundation of our schools and we know that with years of experience comes great wisdom.

In an effort to tap into their wealth of knowledge, we asked what words of wisdom they would share with their colleagues? Karen replied, "Be sure to celebrate the small successes for each student," and Nancy added, "you never realize just how important you are to your students, so be the teacher they can count on."

Thank you both for your contributions to the success of our students and congratulations on this major milestone!

Hello I'm Nancy Smith 3rd Grade Teacher 30 Year Employee

Hello I'm Karen Athman Literacy Specialist 30 Year Employee