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Cardinal Kingdom: 29 Years Of Memories

Share your Cardinal Kingdom Throwbacks with us!

29 years ago, the Annandale community united to put together a wooden playground.  It quickly became an icon in our community and families from all over would come to play at Cardinal Kingdom.  Despite the hard work and diligent nature to preserve this great playground, Cardinal Kingdom continues to present safety issues and will be removed starting on Tuesday, May 30th.  The playground was expected to last for 25 years and we are thankful to have had four more years than expected.  
Throughout the year, a playground committee made up of community members, parents and staff worked on a new design. The new playground will feature numerous slides and swings and many different pieces of equipment on which to play. With the help of the Annandale Lions Club, a pour-in-place solid surface will be installed which will further enhance the new playground. Construction of the new playground will begin on July 11th and will be completed by July 31st.  To honor the history of our Cardinal Kingdom, the name "Cardinal Kingdom" will remain as we look forward to creating new memories in this new playground.  
We are starting a Cardinal Kingdom photo album. Get out your scrapbooks and share your throwbacks, re-enact an old photo, or even take a family photo before the removal of the playground occurs! Submit your photos to our album to Annandale Public Schools on social media messengers or email them to 
To view the new playground renderings, click here.