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Students of Excellence Awards

AHS Students of Excellence

Annandale Senior Students of Excellence recipients pictured from left to right; Josie Jerpseth, Kaitlin Amundson, Angela Meuwissen, and Ryan Neuman, received their award last evening (April 26) at the Resource Training and Solutions Students of Excellence ceremony in St. Cloud. This ceremony recognizes the accomplishments of our region's top high school senior students. Over 150 top high school seniors are honored each year. Application criteria includes:

● have achieved a commendable grade point; average OR have demonstrated a combination of academic achievement, leadership skills, and school/community involvement;

● are an exemplary, positive role model to fellow students, as well as staff;

● are making a difference every day in the lives of fellow students, staff, and their community.

Each district is allowed to acknowledge up to four students. Congratulations to our four 2023 recipients!