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ISD 876 Operating Referendum Information

  • Dear ISD 876 Resident,
    Thank you for visiting this link with information about the upcoming operating levy. 

    On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, our school board is asking voters in District 876 to renew our expiring operating referendum with no tax increase. The current operating levy, approved in 2013, will expire at the end of our next school year. Funds from the operating levy have helped our students excel and allowed the Annandale area to be a desirable place to live and raise children. 

    If the operating levy is renewed the programs and services currently offered to our students will continue. We are very proud of what we are able to offer our students at all levels with just a few examples being World Cultures at the middle school, Math and Reading interventionists, and an increase in behavioral and mental health staff through the addition of positions such as Dean of Students and Student Service Specialist. 

    The graph below shows how our Operating Referendum compares to those districts around us on a per pupil basis.  As you will notice, we are less than the average of the surrounding districts and are far less than the state average.  To see the tax impact on other property values, please view the Tax Impact link on our website. 

    Please notice that our polling place has changed. All voting will take place at Annandale City Hall. This is a change required by the state. 

    Also, please take advantage of voting early. On this site you will find a link to an absentee ballot application. Please fill out the application and bring it to the District Office to receive an absentee ballot.  If you have children that reside with you, but are in college at this time, please remind them to vote using this process. 

    You will be receiving more information on this operating referendum between now and November 5th.


    Thank you!

    Tim Prom

    Annandale Public Schools

Operating Levy Comparision Per Pupil


2019 Polling Place

  • The combined polling place for all voting will be:

    Annandale City Hall
    30 Cedar Street East
    Annandale, MN 55302