Activity Registration

  • All students must register via the online registration website.

    They can get all the information from the website:

    If the students or parents have any questions or issues with registration, please have them contact Mrs. Moravec!

Coaches Clipboard and Continuing Education Requirements (CERs)

  • The MSHSL Continuing Educations Requirements (CERs) need to be completed by all coaches who are working with student-athletes in grades 9-12, both paid and volunteer coaches
    Note: Coaches working with only 7th and/or 8th graders only need to complete the online Concussion Module. 

    Reminder: The new CERs (which first went into effect prior to the 2014-15 school year) are good for three years, which means that if you have been a coach on staff for 3+ consecutive years, your CERs will very likely expire prior to your upcoming season(s) of coaching/advising/directing (and will need to be renewed). 

    The CERs can be accessed via the Coaches Clipboard.  To view your account, or to create an account, access the link to Coaches Clipboard to the left and login or create a user email address and password.


MSHSL Online Rules Meeting

  • All Head, Assistant and Lower Level Coaches working at the Varsity, JV or B-Squad/C-Squad level must complete the online rules meeting and Continuing Education Requirement (CER) accessible through the Coaches Dashboard page on the MSHSL website:

Coaches Association Membership Dues (Varsity Head Coaches Only)

  • Remember to complete the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association for your sport(s) (link at left).  The registration deadline varies from sport-to-sport, but you need to complete the registration prior to the deadline in order to be eligible to earn Academic Team and Individual honors.

Competition and Transportation Schedules

  • Please review your competition schedule to make sure that everything looks accurate

    On Tuesday of each week, Rita will send out the transportation schedule draft with student dismissal, bus departure, and bus return times for the following week.  If adjustments need to be made, please let her know so she can communicate with the bus company and update online appropriately.

Emergency Action Plan

  • Check you Coaches Clipboard to make sure that you have a completed the “Emergency Action Plan” form for your sport/activity.  Plan to review this form with your team/group.

First Aid Kit

  • A first aid kit will be prepared for your team, as each team needs to have a first aid kit.  If you are ever in need of any first aid supplies, please let Luke or athletic trainer Jeff Vossen know.

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