Social Worker - Julie Hall

  • Julie Hall, LSW MAEd
    Licensed School Social Worker
    320-274-8226 ext. 2703

    Welcome Back to school! We are going to have a great year.

    School Social Workers are the link between home, school, and community. As a member of both mainstream and special educational teams, a school social worker supports and promote student's social and academic success by providing services which include:

    -Individual and group counseling
    -Crisis prevention and intervention
    -Support for students and parents
    -Collaboration with community agencies and organizations
    -Collaboration with other student services professionals
    -Advocacy for students, parents, and the school system
    -Special education pre-referral, assessments, and services as defined on the IEP
    -Teaming with the school counselor to form and facilitate groups on topics such as: social skills, family change, grief, abuse, understanding disability and self-advocacy, mental health, and chemical and drug abuse.
    -Assist students in developing non-academic skills such as interpersonal skills, positive self-image, and healthy boundaries.

    HERE is a link to an article on adolescent development that you may find helpful when trying to figure out why your child acts as they do in this period of their life.