Education-Based Athletic and Activity Resources

  • In the Annandale Public Schools we firmly believe that involvement in activities plays a significant role in the academic, social, and emotional development of students. It is without question that activities play a key role in shaping a positive school culture.  We view the “field of competition”—whether it is a field, court, rink, stage, or theatre—as an extension of the classroom.  While we strive to make our teams as competitive as possible, our top priority is to instill in positive values and important skills that will contribute to success in later life.  Listed below are some of the goals of education-based athletics and activities: 

    • To emphasize growth and improvement
    • To reward effort not just winning
    • To give permission to fail
    • To focus on student first, athlete second
    • To help others succeed
    • To conduct yourself well
    • To appreciate the opponent
    • To learn life skills
    • To have fun 

    Listed within this webpage are resources (for students as well as parents) intended to promote the mission of the Annandale Athletics/Activities Department, which is to provide students with opportunities/experiences to develop skills, abilities, and mindsets that will lead to success.  While one of the goals is to strive to be as competitive as possible, the purpose is to help students become better equipped for the future.