• Medications: As per district policy, any medication your student will be taking at school must be registered through Health Services.

    This includes both over the counter as well as prescribed medications.

    • Prescribed medications need to be authorized by both parent and physician.
    • Over the counter medications for students in kindergarten through sixth grade require physician and parent authorization.
    • Over the counter medications for students in seventh through twelfth grade require parent authorization. Students will be instructed by Health Services to ensure safe and proper handling and administration of medication.

    Medications must be brought to school in their original containers.

    The Medication Authorization Form may be obtained through Health Services in your student’s building. The form may also be downloaded from this web site.

    If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your student or medication, feel free to contact Health Services in your student's building.

    Medication Form

    Medication Authorization Form
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