Second Grade Music

  • Second Grade is going to be a fun year in music! In 2nd grade, your child will continue to develop music skills that will help him/her throughout his/her AES Music Career. In music class this year, the Second Graders will build on the concepts that they learned in music class as first graders.  They will continue to focus their energy on how to keep a steady beat, while learning different ways to show a beat.  They will learn to identify eighth, quarter, and half notes.  They will also study melodic contour, the way music moves to give a song its shape.  Along with melodic contour, Second Graders will study the solfege melodic notes of so, mi, and la.  They will also identify melodic patterns that are the same and different, which will help them label AB and ABA songs. 

    Towards the end of the school year, the 2nd graders will get to perform for their in the Annandale High School Auditorium.  The concert is a great musical experience for the 2nd Graders.  The concert will include songs that we have been working on throughout the year to learn musical skills.  Please be sure to attend!

    In the middle and at the end of the year, each student will receive a report card from the Specialists (Art, Phy Ed. and Music) The General Music Portion of the report card will be in the form of a checklist of things that the students have been working on.  By viewing the checklist, you will be able to tell what your child does well on, and also on which things he/she needs to focus more attention on.  Hopefully, this checklist will be helpful to the students, parents and teachers.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the music program at AES, please feel free to call me at school, my number is 
    #274-8218, ext. 1121.

    If you have any questions about anything musical, please e-mail me at the following address: 

    Mrs. Penny Koets
    AES Elementary Music Specialist Grades 1-5